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 Guangzhou Li Yan Tian CO.,LTD. established on September 14, 2010, is a comprehensive enterprise specializing in the production and production of outdoor stickers, decals, LOGOs for agricultural machinery, stand-up and roll-up labels. The company's stickers are mainly used in well-known domestic and foreign enterprises, and the product quality has been well received by domestic and foreign customers. Half of the company's products are exported to North America, Australia, Europe, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East. We have an innovative design team, a complete management model, and specialized sales and technical personnel to ensure that the company has the ability to design, produce, sell and service. At the same time, the company has certain R & D and innovation capabilities. If you want to make a unique sticker, you can contact us as soon as possible.

After years of development,Guangzhou Li Yan Tian CO.,LTD. has become a leading technology in the label industry and a comprehensive label service provider. Become a functional label sticker to establish a good reputation, self-adhesive labels also have unique competitive advantages. The company innovates and develops the application of technology in the industry, forming different adhesive strengths, partial glue, removable glue, no residual glue, anti-sticking, and rough surface adhesive paste technology. Effectively enhance the added value of extended labels. Integrate the latest technology to continuously develop products close to customer needs. Effectively solve the quality problems that are difficult to control in label materials and processes. Effective use of current scientific and technological development concepts. After different industries, using nanotechnology to modify the substrate to effectively increase product hardness, PET materials can reach 6H. Increase the product's sun protection, heat insulation, conductivity, and insulation properties. Waterproof, hydrophobic, hydrophilic, anti-fog, anti-mildew, formaldehyde and odor removal, easy to clean coating and other functions are added to the label. From processing accuracy, stable quality, and efficiency to enhance the leverage of win-win cooperation. Enable our partners and customers to win market development opportunities. We are convinced that we will continue to create value for customers, continue to deepen integration, continue to innovate and develop industry technology, from new materials application, process equipment improvement, product process combination innovation, and multi-angle cooperation with the industry. Continuously improve product quality. And keep improving. Guaranteed services really bring you benefits. Eventually we will win the market.