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Vehicle reflective label pasting effect

Vehicle reflective labels are designed to make it easy for the rear vehicles to see the width of the body when large vehicles are driving at night, avoiding the effects of rear-end collisions and scratches. Let 's take a look at the specifications and functions of vehicle reflective labels.
According to the national standard "Technical Conditions for the Safety of Motor Vehicle Operation", specific provisions have been made for setting up reflective signs on the body of trucks and installing side and rear protective devices. The standard stipulates that all trucks and trailers should have reflective body markings on the rear and sides. Reflective vehicle markings at the rear should reflect the height and width of the rear of the vehicle. The length of the reflective label on the side of the body should not be less than 50% of the length of the vehicle. The length of the reflective mark on the side of the three-wheeled vehicle should not be less than 1.2 meters. The length of the reflective label on the side of the freight vehicle should be less than 50% of the length of the cargo. length. The reflective labels on the back and sides of vans and trailers should reflect the contours of the body. This standard requires that all types of truck and trailer body reflective markings and body reflective marking materials should comply with relevant national standards and GA406 regulations. After the reflective marking of the vehicle body is affixed, the performance of the vehicle lighting and signaling devices specified in this standard shall not be affected, and the body shall not be drilled or slotted on the reflective label of the vehicle body.
At present, when the public security vehicle management department handles vehicle transfer registration and regular vehicle inspection, it has focused on strengthening the inspection of trucks and trailers with reflective signs. Here, I would like to remind the general freight forwarders and truck drivers to implement this requirement as soon as possible. Drivers can paste by themselves or at auto repair shops, but they must choose body reflective marking products that have obtained compulsory product certification. In order to ensure the correct implementation of the new national standard, paste it in accordance with "Examples and Requirements for Reflective Labeling of Typical Vehicle Body".
The role of vehicle reflective tags: Vehicle reflective tags mainly function at night. It can improve the recognition of the vehicle body, make the rear vehicles pay attention to avoiding in time, and reduce the possibility of accidents.
Driving at night, the lights can be said to be the driver's language and eyes. Some vehicle lights are either defective or off. At this time, the vehicle reflective tag is an important sign for determining the position of the vehicle. If this important sign disappears, it will be difficult for vehicles traveling behind to take braking measures to avoid such vehicles being within an effective safety distance, which is extremely prone to accidents.