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Methods and precautions for car stickers

Car stickers are a very careful job. If you don't pay attention to these problems, then car stickers may not have the desired effect or may be counterproductive. So how do you paste car stickers? What needs to be noted? Car stickers must not be pasted in rainy weather, and do not wash the car within three days after pasting.
Car stickers are a very popular car product now. Many car owners choose car stickers that reflect their own personality for their car. However, if they do it by themselves, many car owners don't know how to paste it, and they do n't know how to paste it. Now, when and where to post, these are all things to pay attention to. The method of pasting car stickers is actually very simple, but it is time-consuming and laborious. So how do you paste them? What should be paid attention to?
Tools: diluted detergent, tape, little water, plastic ruler or rubber spatula, clean towels or rags, hot hair dryer;
The first step: use a clean special car towel or rag to clean the surface to be attached to the body, be sure to wipe the position to be attached. Such as body, window, boot cover, roof, rear, skirt, etc.
Step 2: Wipe it with moisture. Put the sticker on the place where you want to stick it, and fix one side with tape.
Step 3: Be sure to tear the release paper on the sticker slowly, don't worry.
Step 4: At this time, you can spray a small amount of diluted dishwashing water. If the paste is wrong, you can move the sticker slightly, which will also help squeeze out the air.
Step 5: Use a plastic ruler or a rubber spatula to slowly attach the sticker and squeeze out the air.
Step 6: Then carefully peel off the transfer film and dry it with a hot air dryer. This will do the job. If the stickers need to be pasted on the door seams or other places where you need to move, cut them with a sharp knife.
Step 7: If you do not paste well, it is best to go to a refitting shop to find a professional to paste it. The quality of the paste affects the life of the sticker. Remember not to wash the car within three days after you paste it. I am reminding everyone to work in a dust-free garage.
One: The car must be cleaned before being affixed, and then the packaging paper of the car car must be carefully torn off. Be sure to avoid bringing a lot of dust or grit into it to avoid unnecessary trouble for the owner.
2: Summer is the season for thermal insulation paper. The temperature is very high in the sun or in the car. It is unavoidable to open air-conditioning stickers in the car. Turn it to the minimum, and wind the wind after the paper is pasted on the glass.
Three: In order to avoid air bubbles from entering, you must be careful when scraping the car. When applying the film, you must pay attention to the accurate capacity. If it is found that the position is much worse after it is pasted, it will stain the surrounding objects and mud. Sand grains in the trough. The owner pays attention to the car four: when the film is applied, if there is not too much wrong operation after the application, it is recommended that the owner must not easily rework. The more times the owner opens, the more sand and dust particles enter. It's not worth the money.
Five: Do not wax one week before dressing up your car. Wax will make the stickers not sticky. Do not wash the car within three days after you paste it. Do not paste it on rainy days.
First of all, the car is best not to wash the car within two days after the film is just pasted. Why not let everyone wash the car? The purpose is to avoid the occurrence of foaming in automotive films. Do not use the defogging function of the rear window for a week as much as possible, because the moisture will easily affect the defogging line if the moisture is not dry. After applying the film, you can use a towel, sponge or soft cloth to wipe the film surface. < br />