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Does the car sticker affect the annual inspection of the car?

At present, many car owners choose to put their own car stickers on their car in order to pursue individuality. On the one hand, while entertaining the owners themselves, they also added scenery to the vehicles driving on the road. "Old female car owners "," catching rear end must marry "," good at emergency braking "and other car stickers are also everywhere. However, some netizens have questions about these stickers. Will this type of car body sticker affect the annual inspection? Will being stopped by traffic police on the road order rectification or other administrative penalties?
First of all, we as a car mainly understand the truth, car stickers can not be casually posted. There is a clear stipulation on the road traffic safety law of this personality. Such car stickers must not affect the safety of driving. This kind of safety is not only the driving safety of your own vehicle, but also the important thing is that the rear car may cause rear-end due to interest in car stickers, which will affect the safety.
During the annual inspection of the vehicle, the area of ​​the car sticker must not be higher than one third of the entire car area. It is worth mentioning that it is for bidden to paste any car sticker on the rearview mirror and windshield of the vehicle. In addition, some special vehicles such as passenger cars, hazardous chemical transport vehicles, and school bus bodies are prohibited from attaching any vehicle stickers.
In general, it is possible that some small-scale car stickers posted by some car owners will not affect the annual inspection, but as car owners, while pursuing individuality, they must be healthy and healthy when choosing car stickers. Don't post reactionary, yellow, violent or life attacking car stickers. In addition to the compulsory requirements of national laws, car stickers are often required to test that car owners consciously abide by relevant regulations and comply with moral requirements. In this way, China's automobile culture will develop healthily.