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What material is used for personality body stickers?

Making personalized car stickers is actually nothing complicated. Prepare the car sticker materials and a engraving machine. You can set the size with the engraving software and output it, and you can manually process the rest. Car stickers are a kind of advertising materials, which are special materials for advertising, such as posters, pictures or texts, mounted on cars, exterior walls or exterior glass. The biggest advantage of car stickers is that when the car body is mounted on the surface of the object, it is easy to replace it in the future, it is easy to tear off, and it does not leave colloidal pollutants. High-precision car stickers and ordinary car stickers should be the difference in accuracy. Ordinary car stickers are produced by inkjet machines, high-precision car stickers are produced by outdoor photo machines, the sharpness difference is very large.
Material: The surface of the car sticker is smooth and shiny. The surface of the PP paper (photo paper) is more matte and paper-like, and it is soluble in water. Both sides have glue and can be pasted. The photo paper is the one used to print the photos. It is thicker than the first two, with a smooth and shiny surface, but no glue on the reverse side.
Can be customized to a professional car sticker shop. The plan can be designed by the store and then selected by the user. The design of the car sticker shop is more professional, and the car sticker is more effective. Now many car owners who are pursuing personality and fashion will choose to customize their own car stickers at the car sticker shop.
You can also DIY yourself. Some cars have strong proactive capabilities and are good at graphic design. You can design patterns on the computer yourself. If you don't understand the design, you can go to an advertising company to find someone to design and produce. It should be remembered that personalized car stickers are generally engraved, not inkjet or printed, and require professional equipment, so if you are looking for someone to do it, remember to carve the stickers by hand. Of course, if the quantity is small, the store that is willing to make is often not found, and the cost is high.