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How could we choose a suitable material for our label/sticker printing?

Anti-counterfeit labels made by different technologies, different designers, and different materials are not the same. Anti-counterfeit labels are not disposable products. Although a label can only be used on one product, its role is The protection of the entire product is the maintenance of the reputation of the brand enterprise.
Knowing the role of anti-counterfeiting labels and looking for cooperation with anti-counterfeiting companies, many of them did not realize the substantial role of anti-counterfeiting labels. They only consider the anti-counterfeiting labels as a consumable, a disposable product, and Randomly found a cheap printing. The factory made a batch of anti-counterfeiting labels and used them. Such a label can be said to be made by any counterfeiter. There is no anti-counterfeiting function at all.
Anti-counterfeit labels are only useful if they are customized, and the best ones are suitable. Of course, different anti-counterfeit labels are used for different products.
The first is the shape of the product. Whether it is round or square, stick the side or seal, how big the package size is, it all pays attention to it. Large size and small labels look out of place, and small size and large labels also seem to be obtrusive. The side of the sticker also needs to be protected against transfer, and the seal must be protected against damage. Only the appropriate size can be suitable for the corresponding product.
Followed by commodity materials. The rough product surface and the oily product surface layer are almost natural enemies of anti-counterfeiting labels. So you need to consider using anti-counterfeiting labels made of other materials.
Finally, the commodity environment. Whether the product is used in high temperature or low temperature environment, will it be exposed to the sun and rain, will there be a long period of violent exercise, such as engineering tools, cameras, such products need to consider the use environment, so choose Anti-counterfeit labels that can be used in the same environment.
Therefore, the enterprises that want to make anti-counterfeiting labels must communicate well with the technology and business of anti-counterfeiting manufacturers, and then get professional instructions before cooperating to produce the most suitable anti-counterfeiting labels for enterprises. The kind is available on the spot, regardless of demand and quantity. The anti-counterfeiting manufacturers who make orders are all small informal workshops, and the quality effect is completely impossible. There is no other competitiveness except price reduction. Enterprises must keep their eyes open to see clearly and do not be affected by low prices. Attraction, no matter what is cheap, is a waste.