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The proper use of vehicle stickers What?

More and more friends have put their favorite car stickers on the car. The car sticker culture has put the owner's preferences in it, but there are often friends who buy car stickers to inquire about car stickers. Many friends are generally Think of car stickers as stickers on cars, there is no difference. Let 's take a look at some of the major considerations for car stickers.
1. Pay attention to the material of the car stickers: it is not important whether the car stickers are good or not, but the material of the car stickers itself should be paid attention to. Many Taobao cars are sold now, but many stores use advertising materials, which are very diverse Materials must not be used on the body, such as non-removable glue, and inferior indoor materials. These materials are completely cured after half a year of the body, and it is impossible to remove them. Can be repainted.
2, note that car stickers location: car stickers there are several places that can not be posted, one is the lower half of the front windshield, rear window is a lower half, then one is front windows, these are hindered car owners driving position of the line of sight, if posted, traffic police uncle will find you trouble.
3. Remove the car sticker first for partial painting. If you have a car sticker on the upper part of the door, but spray paint on the lower part of the car, because the car sticker is not sprayed, usually the painter will not help you remove the car sticker. car stickers is not removed, after spraying paint finish, and then you remove the car stickers, you will find a paint uneven. So be sure to call the master lacquer paint and then remove the car stickers.
4, car stickers use should not be too long, especially in white paint, you paint if improper maintenance, resulting in yellow paint, car stickers that after the removal of part be color. It is recommended to remove between one and two years. < br /> 5, a small rear car stickers, stickers are not suitable for too much, the reason is very simple, you know.
6. Car stickers that have just been pasted cannot be washed for a few days, because the water is in the car stickers, and the plastic surface is not too strong. If you use a high-pressure water gun to rinse, it will be easily washed away.
7, the coating film plating crystal to remove the car stickers, for the same reason as in Article 3.
8. Do not paste car stickers for one month after waxing, because the waxy layer is still on the car paint, and the glue is very sensitive to the waxiness, causing the stickers to be unstable. (Except for coated crystal)
9, just after the car stickers are installed, if there are small bubbles or water bubbles, you can ignore them for a while, because the bubbles will gradually disappear after a period of time.
Of course, car stickers have an irreplaceable role in current car decoration. For example, the price is not high, but it can be used as the finishing touch and has a sense of sports. In addition, some car stickers can make the car highlight the temperament of the car. I hope this article can bring everyone to learn more about car stickers.