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How to customize suitable and useful anti-counterfeiting labels?

In addition to beautifying the car, alerting others and expressing personality, car stickers can also protect the paint and cover scratches. If the car accidentally scratches a few scratches and affects the beauty of the car, you may wish to attach a car sticker. In addition, if the car is made of reflective material, it will improve the safety of driving at night if it is pasted.
Main style
Most sports-style car stickers are modeled after the racing patterns that appear on the field. The car stickers are simple and dynamic. With simple stickers, you can find some racing feelings from your car. Many people are happy. Art style car stickers often use streamlines, geometric figures, or anime characters, cartoon animals, and some car owners like the style of traditional Chinese patterns, such as ink painting, calligraphy engraving, and totem Facebook. station.
Sports stickers
Sports stickers mainly refer to motorsport stickers. There are different models and tracks used in track and rally, and there are corresponding differences in car stickers. The rally car sticker pattern highlights the team's logo and the logo of the main sponsor. The colors match the overall VI design style of the team in order to better achieve the publicity effect. Track racing car stickers often see dynamic patterns such as flames, racing flags, and waves, which add a lot to the sport.
Sticker modification
Modified stickers refer to the theme stickers specially designed by various modification manufacturers to exhibit or promote new products on the show car, often to match a certain model or product. They are colorful and attractive. There are also many patterns that are the logo of the modification factory and the logo of some modified products. After careful design and matching, they complement the modified exhibition car.
Personality stickers
Personalized stickers, customized according to the personal preferences and tastes of the owner. Sporty, artistic, and practical, as long as each style looks harmonious and beautiful, you can freely choose and match it and design it yourself to create your own style. < br /> Special car stickers
Its biggest advantages are clear colors, three-dimensional patterns and good visual effects. The earliest appearance is also the most widely used category, which is common in various types of racing competitions. The manufacturing process is to make different colors of car stickers materials into different patterns by engraving. The quality of the car stickers material depends on the selected car stickers materials and the fineness of the work. There are asymptotic patterns.
Full color car stickers
It has a gradient color effect, can spray photos, product renderings, etc., and is mostly used for large car stickers for the whole body. The quality of this car sticker is mainly determined by the precision of the inkjet and the ink used. Good-quality inkjet car stickers can achieve photo-level accuracy.
Printing car stickers
CarThe car sticker material is made into different patterns by printing, which is suitable for large-scale production and only serves as a partial decoration to play the finishing touch.
In addition, there are single-pass stickers, which do not affect the line of sight; metal stickers, which are mainly the logo of various car modification brands in small sizes; dot stickers, which are attached to the front and rear windshields of the car;, Electrostatic stickers, magnetic stickers, etc.
According to different parts of the car, it can also be divided into front stickers, cover stickers, body stickers, modified stickers, rear stickers, decorative stickers and so on.