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The difference between single-hole through-jet printing in body advertising

What is the difference between single-hole through-jet printing and body stickers? They are both different and correspond to each other. Single-hole through-jet printing and body stickers are both commonly used printing materials in body advertising inkjet ads, and there are many places to display. Let's find out together.
The single-hole through-jet printing is very special. It is the size of the holes on the screen. The size of the small holes is about the size of a small sesame. The single-hole through-jet printing technology is to spray one side into a designed pattern. The single-hole through-jet printing function is that the side of the picture is a beautiful picture when viewed from a long distance, and the side with black adhesive makes the visual effect to see outside through black , and you can see the outside scene, for example It shows that when we take a bus, we often find a small hole in the window of the bus, but it does not affect the dynamics of seeing people outside.
The body sticker has no small holes, and the adhesive is divided into white, gray, and black. Different colors are used in different scenes. The body advertising is black adhesive, because the black adhesive is opaque and exposed to outdoor sunlight. It will not affect the picture. On the contrary, the picture that is refracted is colorful, and the effect of mobile body advertising often attracts people to follow it.
What is the difference between single-hole through-jet printing and body stickers in car advertisements? Single-hole through-jet printing is more commonly used on glass. For example, the body advertising window looks like a picture from the outside, and the characters can be seen from the inside. Traffic safety comes first; and the use of body stickers is wide, such as advertising on the body, forming a cultural wall on the wall to promote brand information, etc., and can also be made into small signs and affixed to the machine, even in the field of inkjet printing It adopts body-painting and spray-painting, and has good functions such as no warping, no degumming, waterproof and sun protection.