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Car stickers belong to a culture in car modification

For car enthusiasts, the car in hand can never meet their needs, and they want to improve the performance of their car by modification.
Such as twisted tooth suspension, large turbine, etc., and others want to change from low to high, especially in appearance, it is necessary to change, such as appearance kits, large wheels, low tilt angle.
Of course, these are too complicated for the junior owner, and the cost will be high. It is not impossible to make your car personal with the least amount of money. Just stick a few textured stickers and you can make your car unique in an instant.
Although car stickers are among the lowest in the modification industry, the process is the simplest. But in a broad sense, car stickers are also a culture in car modification.
The car sticker culture actually comes from motorsport. These car stickers in the early style were the trademarks of the sponsors and the team's logo.
After years of development, car stickers have gradually become our most common and simplest way to improve the personality of your car. In addition, car stickers also have certain misunderstandings.
First, that is that the area of ​​the car sticker must not exceed 30% of the body area. If it exceeds, it must be submitted for approval. If the sticker area is too large without going to the vehicle management office for approval , it will cause the vehicle to be inconsistent with the photos on the road.
If found by the traffic police, it will be considered as illegal modification of the vehicle and a fine of 500-1000 yuan will be imposed. And when the vehicle is out of insurance, the insurance company will refuse to provide corresponding claims services for this reason.
Second, the car sticker style must not affect the safe driving of other vehicles, and the content must be healthy and uplifting. Some car owners who are pursuing quirky personality often put very fancy stickers on their cars to increase the rate of return of their cars .
But too fancy will affect the normal driving of the surrounding drivers, and there are some stickers that will reflect the surrounding vehicles in the sunlight, similar to acts that harm others, our laws will never allow it.
StickersCar stickers can highlight the taste of the owner and enrich the beauty of the car body, but the stickers must be reasonable and legal.
In addition, there is another problem about car stickers, that is, how to tear off the body without leaving any traces. Some stickers can not be completely removed when they are torn for a long time, and the residual glue marks will be obvious.
At this time, you must pay attention not to scrape with hard objects, it will easily leave scratches on the paint surface of the body. You can use degreaser or cleaner to spray the rubber surface, and then wipe it with a towel to remove it more easily.