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Uncivilized car stickers will bring negative effects

In life, more and more people like to pursue new ideas, and many drivers will put some personalized car stickers on the car to show their unique personality. But few people know that car stickers cannot be arbitrarily pasted. Randomly pasting uncivilized car stickers affects safe driving and is even an illegal act.
At 15:40 on September 2nd, Li Wenwen and colleagues of the three brigades of the 110th Express Unit in Shapingba District drove a police car along Tianli Road to carry out security patrols. A white sedan with the number plate Chongqing A *** attracted the attention of the police. I saw a personalized car sticker "opening the light, lying in a mud trough, and closing the light" under the windshield of the car. Considering the adverse effects of the car sticker, the police stopped it immediately. It is understood that the driver Zhang has been bitter about the behavior of driving the high light, and has some criticism. Especially when the rear car is driving with high beams, the strong light reflected from the rear view mirror can even make Zhang feel dizzy . Recently, the rear car driving with high beams also caused Zhang to have a rear-end traffic. Zhang was fully responsible for the accident. In order to vent his emotions and express his dissatisfaction with the "high light dog", Zhang posted the car sticker under the rear windshield of his car. He didn't realize the negative impact that such car sticker might bring. It does not take into account that personalized car stickers will distract other traffic participants and affect traffic safety. People warn Zhang that civilization exists in the details of daily life, and car stickers are also a window to urban civilization. Although it is just a few words, the car sticker, because it adheres to the car, swims in the streets and streets of the city every day, unintentionally showing its power. A small car sticker reflects the character and quality of a person, and reflects the image and civilization of a city. After being criticized and educated by the police, Zhang realized his mistake and cleared the car stickers in time.
Police reminder: civilized city, you and I build together, please do not paste uncivilized car stickers "walking streets and lanes" at will, to bring "mobile bovine moss" to the city. At the same time, uncivilized vehicle stickers distract other traffic participants and pose serious hidden dangers to traffic safety. Do not paste uncivilized car stickers at will, and be civilized and good citizens. In addition, we also remind drivers and friends that when driving a vehicle at night or driving at a close distance, please switch the high beam light to the low beam light in time. It must not be a "high beam dog" that everyone hates.