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Car stickers are troublesome

In daily driving, we always see that the appearance of many cars has changed compared with the factory vehicles. Among them, there are overall changes in appearance, local changes, changes in lights, etc., which are all part of the car's appearance modification . As the most common and popular modification, body exterior plaques account for a large proportion. So, what elements does the car sticker decoration contain?
The stickers on the exterior of the body mainly include color bars, text, patterns, decorative strips, protective films, etc. These elements are now included in almost all cars. Some are for practical purposes, such as protective films, and some are for highlighting personality and increasing aesthetics. Some are warm reminders or promotional advertisements, and even some whole cars change the color through the film.
Car stickers, as the most common items on the body, are also called pull flowers, car logos, stickers, which originated from the advertisement of the player number and sponsor of motor sports. The earliest car stickers appeared at the world's first racing competition in Paris in 1887. However, the vigorous development of car stickers is closely related to the rise of the automotive industry. From a certain point of view, the prosperity of car stickers also witnessed the development of the automotive industry.
There are three main types of car stickers, which are divided into three types: personality stickers, modified stickers, and sports stickers.
Car color bar: Car color bar is essentially a kind of colored tape, which belongs to the decorative strip of paper products.
Pattern and text: It is an important form of expression for car stickers. Its structure is basically the same as that of color bars. It has a pattern surface or text surface, an adhesive surface and a protective layer, etc., and the area varies. And this is also a common form of body advertising.
There are dry paste method and wet paste method for car stickers. Generally, dry paste method is used for cars with a small area, and wet paste method is used for cars with a large area. The dry paste method generally uses a cleaning tool to clean the surface, and then the car sticker is carefully adhered to the car with a scraper. At the same time, after the application is finished, use a towel to clean the surroundings of the vehicle application. Wet paste is a bit more troublesome. Spray the installation fluid on the body part when you are pasting, tear off the bottom protective film of the car sticker, and then stick the car sticker to the correct position. At the same time, use a scraper to squeeze the water between the car placard and the car body and scrape it flat.
When attaching car stickers, for large-area car stickers, pay attention to drying, and you can heat them appropriately to make the adhesion more reliable. At the same time, the car stickers must be air-tight, so as not to affect the appearance and firmness. When there are small air bubbles, you can first puncture the small air bubbles with a needle and scrape the car stickers.
AboveThe above is the installation method of car stickers, which can ensure that the car stickers can be beautifully and conveniently attached to our bodies. However, car stickers must also comply with traffic regulations, not on the license plate.